It’s social 💬 meets payments.

If your favorite social app had a child 🐣 with CashApp and the baby ate a magic shroom 🍄 to gain new superpowers... that’s Nostr in a nutshell.

What sort of superpowers?

Glad you asked! How about...

Zaps! ⚡

Got a like? Nice. Got paid for a comment? Cha-ching!

Send money for content you enjoy with a single click 🤯🥰

Love a meme? Zzzzappp! ⚡

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Learned something new? You guessed it, zap! 🤯

It's love in both directions 💜Share something of value? Boom! Zapped back. 🥹

You’re gonna luv it 🥰

Or stick to likes 💜 - that's cool. Payments are totally optional.

It’s not a single website or an app...

Say what now?

Yeah, it’s all of it. Every app made on Nostr just makes the protocol grow bigger and stronger. Like a raging hulk.

The apps can all talk to each other and can access the same content. Kinda like a bunch of strangers dipping their hands into the shared peanut 🥜 bowl.

Ok, maybe not THAT gross 😆

Nostr is like the new internet that connects any app on any platform as long as it’s compatible with some very simple requirements.

It’s powerful 🚀

When a new app plugs into the protocol, it automatically gains access to


Forget building an audience. It’s already there! 🔥

It’s an entrepreneur’s wet dream. Wait, am I allowed to say this? 😅

It’s not limited to Twitter clones.

Twitter is just one use case out of many.

Nostr is a giant mythical octopus with huge tentacles, each capable of crushing multi-billion-dollar industries.

🎤 Music, 💋 adult, 💻 creator economy are industries that are only the tip of the iceberg.

Just the tip.

There’s just one catch...

Nostr needs you!

Yes you, handsome developer ⌨️, designer 🖱️, memer, couch potato 🥔, YouTuber, influencer, instagrammer (is that a word?), progressive, conservative, libertarian, mom, dad, son, daughter, hero, villain ... ugh you get the point 🫂

Someone has to build the new empire.

... and enjoy the journey 😍

Will it be you?

Almost forgot to mention the boring stuff... censorship resistance, not controlled by any one company (open source), no emails to sign up, no overlords, no de-platforming, no shoving ads down your throat...

Some call it a paradigm shift, we just call it another day on Nostr 🤷

Oh, and we’ve got NIPs 😲

Nostr Implementation Possibilities

Git yer mind outta the gutter, fren! 🐸

That’s right, there’s more than one way to Nostr. In fact, the possibilities are only growing.

NIP at night, NIP during the day, we don’t care! NIPs are awesome any time of day 🥰

So, grab a client (app) and join the party! 🎉

There’s Damus for iOS, Amethyst for Android, Iris and Snort for web, and others too!

Keep in mind: we’re exploring a new frontier. Things can feel a little rough around the edges.

Let's go! 🚀