It’s social 💬 meets payments.

If your favorite social app had a child 🐣 with CashApp and the baby ate a magic shroom 🍄 to gain new superpowers... that’s Nostr in a nutshell.

What sort of superpowers?

Glad you asked! How about...

Zaps! ⚡

Got a like? Nice. Got paid for a comment? Cha-ching!

Send money for content you enjoy with a single click 🤯🥰

Love a meme? Zzzzappp! ⚡

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Learned something new? You guessed it, zap! 🤯

It's love in both directions 💜Share something of value? Boom! Zapped back. 🥹

You’re gonna luv it 🥰

Or stick to likes 💜 - that's cool. Payments are totally optional.

It’s not a single website or an app...

Say what now?

Yeah, it’s all of it. Every app made on Nostr just makes the protocol grow bigger and stronger. Like a raging hulk.

The apps can all talk to each other and can access the same content. Kinda like a bunch of strangers dipping their hands into the shared peanut 🥜 bowl.

Ok, maybe not THAT gross 😆

Nostr is like the new internet that connects any app on any platform as long as it’s compatible with some very simple requirements.

It’s powerful 🚀

When a new app plugs into the protocol, it automatically gains access to


Forget building an audience. It’s already there! 🔥

It’s an entrepreneur’s wet dream. Wait, am I allowed to say this? 😅

It’s not limited to Twitter clones.

Twitter is just one use case out of many.

Nostr is a giant mythical octopus with huge tentacles, each capable of crushing multi-billion-dollar industries.

🎤 Music, 💋 adult, 💻 creator economy are industries that are only the tip of the iceberg.

Just the tip.

There’s just one catch...

Nostr needs you!

Yes you, handsome developer ⌨️, designer 🖱️, memer, couch potato 🥔, YouTuber, influencer, instagrammer (is that a word?), progressive, conservative, libertarian, mom, dad, son, daughter, hero, villain ... ugh you get the point 🫂

Someone has to build the new empire.

... and enjoy the journey 😍

Will it be you?

Almost forgot to mention the boring stuff... censorship resistance, not controlled by any one company (open source), no emails to sign up, no overlords, no de-platforming, no shoving ads down your throat...

Some call it a paradigm shift, we just call it another day on Nostr 🤷

Oh, and we’ve got NIPs 😲

Nostr Implementation Possibilities

Git yer mind outta the gutter, fren! 🐸

That’s right, there’s more than one way to Nostr. In fact, the possibilities are only growing.

NIP at night, NIP during the day, we don’t care! NIPs are awesome any time of day 🥰

So, grab a client (app) and join the party! 🎉

There’s Damus for iOS, Amethyst for Android, Iris and Snort for web, and others too!

Keep in mind: we’re exploring a new frontier. Things can feel a little rough around the edges.

Still confused? Need help setting up? Check out Nosta! Yeah... we’re clever with names 😅

Need something more intimate? 😉There are the (un)conferences™

Yep, you can even find nostriches® (it's a long story) in the meatspace! The last one was held in Costa Rica 🇨🇷, appropriately titled Nostrica. Oh boy.

Photos courtesy of Nela Biedermann 💜

The next one is in

Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵

We’re hosting everyone in a castle! Just kidding. Or maybe? Who knows...

... still kidding! Point is, you can come meet ambitious, fun and intelligent humans IRL to see what all the fuss is about.

Or not. Hang in the virtual world, all good! 🙌

Let's go! 🚀